11 JULY 2023   -  6PM to 9PM

18 JULY 2023 -  6PM to 9PM

12 JULY 2023 - 12PM to 3:30PM

13 JULY 2023 - 12PM to 3:30PM


আত্মবিশ্বাসের অভাব?

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Workshop-এ আপনি কি কি শিখবেন?

Intra-hour, Intraday trading rules and strategies

Swing delivery buy concept using Technical Analysis

Trading with earlier buy positions effectively

Profit booking zones Trailing profits

Why to book loss?
Where to book loss?

Taking the buy position at multiply bottoms using chatting patterns

When to average?
When not to average?

Effective use of signals suggesting buy today sale tomorrow or sale today buy tomorrow

Human psychology is the biggest enemy in trading

Option trading for beginners

Workshop-এ আপনি কি কি পাবেন?

Risk Management System Building

Live Q&A

Handholding & Direction

To-Do Checklist

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